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from the album Living, Coping, Breathing...
Mental Health that will Rock your mind

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We all are, Living, Coping, Breathing...

Let's all take a moment... take a moment... and Breathe...
Every day, some find it difficult to live what is seen as 'a normal life', coping in existence can be a challenge, even for those strong in mind.
Mental Health is a life-long journey and most of us can only imagine, 'what it would be like' to be on the other side of that sense of living.   

We all are; living, coping, breathing... in our own ways.   One day to the next most often...
this phrase is also the title of a Rock Album dedicated to one man's story of living, coping, and breathing... with life...

"Don't call it Mental Illness... we all are... Living, Coping, Breathing..." -Bentley Borys

Living, Coping, Breathing... is a Rock album that travels into a realm that few can understand.  
- An emotional torrent is released in the lyrical stories that build as the album progresses into a raw musical experience
as it takes the listener into stepping out in the shoes of empathy - Living, Coping, Breathing... Open your mind... and Rock it.

Two significant weeks during the calendar year in Canada bring Mental awareness to the attention of the general public.  
One is the spring Mental Health Awareness Week in May. 
The other week notably drawn to the public attention... I will now reflect upon... 

It seems like yesterday that a spark lit my flame. 

My best friend, Ben, passed away Oct. 2, 2011
Mental Illness Awareness Week 2011) 

Ben's story is the motivation behind the Randy Rhythm Project.
Living, Coping, Breathing... is Mental Health Awareness that will Rock your mind. 
It takes us into the daily life of a person who lives in a realm we don’t quite understand. 
Ben lived in that realm…
Living, Coping, Breathing... with much instability
Ben suffered in ways almost indiscernible but progressively fatal.
His story is similar to many people's stories of treading through life with their own trial and tribulations to deal with.
In Ben's stories the voices of many others can also be heard, for there are many others also like Ben, that most others do not understand.
These are the people who suffer the sometimes devastating circumstances of the effects of mental and/or emotional instability in their lives...  
Often misunderstood or not noticed by those who focus daily on their own lives... and most often removed from being understood,
these separate worlds of chaos navigate about sometimes barely surviving.

Living, Coping, Breathing… amplifies one of those voices.  Screaming out from a world of chaos.
The album Living, Coping, Breathing... (released during Mental Health Awareness Week 2013) is a reflection of a life that needed empathy...
Contained in the songs... a reflection of Ben’s moods... Ben's unspoken voice. 

Hopefully sharing these stories can somehow help others understand how subtle and fragile the aspect of Mental Health is in anyone’s life.

It is through better awareness and greater understanding that we can all find ways to harmonize our lives
with the delicate balance of existence that engulfs the lives of seemingly normal people like Ben...

People who live… who cope… and who continue to breathe…

Sometimes with great difficulty, as breakdowns can and do happen... Even to our best friends… 
then one day... their world shatters... and it affects all of ours...

So, I ask, as you immerse yourself in the words, the stories & the songs... join in the collective thoughts, taking a moment out of your life... 
to think... to feel... to care

Allow yourself to reflect upon the people in your life who you know who may suffer from Mental and/or Emotional Instability... 
and how they mesh with your own life...
May your thoughts carry you to acting upon how we all can improve the relationships that exist... and find time to share some care... 

The album 'Living, Coping, Breathing...
is dedicated to the everlasting imprint that Ben had on all of us…
11 songs and one cover tune later we found,… 
or let’s say, Ben delivered the voice he wants to be spoken on the subject of Mental Health/Mental Illness.  
Somehow the energy emanated from Ben's life… his aura… is reflected in song… put to heavy rock music.  
Living, Coping, Breathing... paints a picture of the thoughts in the mind of one who suffered from Mental Health issues.

Our hope is that the album will take you on a journey… 
as if you visited Ben with us and spent time with him for a few days.

May we see what his eyes see…
Randy Rhythm & the 'Real' Michael Anthony

'Living, Coping, Breathing...'
CD & MP3 available online and in stores now...
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Randy Rhythm Project
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